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Chimney Repairchimney repair

Chimney repair specialists. We are experts in all aspects of chimney repair and chimney relining. We can repair a damaged chimney with the latest technology which is covered by a 20 year warranty and no need to open up any walls!

Most chimney relining companies will need to open up the walls in your home to repair the damaged liners, or worse still other companies that don’t need to do so will just use a stainless steel flexible liner to patch up the damage, these liners are covered by a 5 year warranty, yes you read that correctly 5 years…. In our opinion a chimney repair should be a lifetime job, that is why we searched the globe for the most reliable material that is guaranteed to last the test of time. And we found it, our thermosetting liners can withstand extreme temperatures as high as 1300 Degrees Celsius.

Our repair system is designed to stand the test of time. When you take a second to think about it most flues are damaged during a chimney fire. So why replace the damaged liners with the same material? If you are unlucky enough to have another chimney fire you could be back to square one…

Our liners can withstand extreme temperatures much higher than standard clay liners or flexible steel liners. They can be installed with very little disruption and are backed up by a manufacturers warranty.


Give us a call today and we can discuss your relining or repair needs, we are very happy to give you any advice we can.



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