Thermocrete Chimney Repair

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Thermocrete Chimney Repair system is a revolutionary method for relining damaged chimneys. Most chimney relining work involves messy construction methods including breaking through walls either in the kitchen or living room downstairs and in the case of a two story house it can also involve breaking through walls upstairs maybe in a bedroom or hallway.

This can be very intrusive and messy and also a headache for the home owner – well not any more…

A repair with Thermocrete can usually be completed in one day and is done without breaking through any walls, it is completed using state of the art equipment and cutting edge material leaving you with a new stronger chimney.

What is THERMOCRETE Chimney Repair ?

Thermocrete is a lightweight monolithic refractory materiel, it is incredibly strong and has excellent insulation properties. It is heat resistant above 1300°C and is perfect for repairing damaged liners/chimneys.

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cracked liners
cracked liners


Thermocrete B2 monolithic refractory castable is produced to B.S. 4207 and is tested to B.S. 1902. international AST.M. Standard C401 class N. Patent No.2246772.

Bulk Density
Crushing strength
Apparent porosity
Permanent linear change@ 1000°c
Thermal resistance
0.91 1/K
Thermal conductivity
Acid resistance loss by weight
Resistance to carbon monoxide
Maximum service temperature


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