Chimney Sweeping

No Soot…No Dust…No Fuss – And at a Great Price Too 

If you are looking for a reliable, friendly, and efficient chimney sweeping service for either domestic or commercial properties, you can count on Kerry Chimney and Boiler Services. Call us today to book a professional, convenient, no-mess chimney cleaning – and get the peace of mind that comes with a clean and safe chimney!

Keep Safe from the Two Main Hazards of Neglected Chimneys: Chimney Fires and Soot Falls

There is nothing quite like the welcoming sight of a roaring fire, but that’s only if it’s where it’s meant to be—in the grate. Shockingly, Ireland has the highest number of chimney fires per capita in the world, with a staggering 6,000 chimney fires per year. In fact, of all the domestic fires attended to by the Irish Fire Service, 60-65% of them are chimney fires. This represents 110+ fires every week alone. Sadly, approximately 30 people a year are killed in Ireland and the U.K. as a result of chimney fires or smoke inhalation (carbon-monoxide poisoning) from chimney fires.

If you’re not paying attention to the cleanliness and safety of your chimney, then you could be putting both your home and family at unnecessary risk. Having a regular chimney cleaning service is the number one way to minimize this risk by removing the soot/creosote that can cause chimney fires.

Chimney Sweeping

• Keep safe from the risk and dangers of chimney fires and soot falls.
• We promise you a reliable, friendly, fast and low-cost quality service when you book a chimney sweeping with KCS
• Save up to 20% on your fuel bills
• Save even MORE with our hugely popular combi-discount.

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As well as chimney fires, another peril of not having your chimney cleaned is the damage caused to your furniture and carpets by soot falls. A soot fall is very messy and can cause a lot of damage to carpets and furnishings. As it’s oily it easily stains carpets, curtains, and other household textiles. You can easily prevent this risk by taking the necessary step of booking a chimney sweeping with us today. Call us on 087 95 95 323

No-SootNo-DustNo-Fuss Kerry Chimney Sweeping Service

When carrying out your chimney sweeping, we use clean dustsheets to protect your flooring and up-to-date chimney vacuum technology to remove all soot from the inside of your flue. Making sure your home stays clean and dust free is our priority.

How Often Should You Book a Chimney Sweeping?

Unfortunately, far too many people believe chimney sweeping to be an unimportant expense and as a result rarely have their chimney cleaned, or only do so when they believe they may have a problem. With the high number of chimney fires occurring in Ireland every week, prevention is far better and far less costly than cure. As a general rule of thumb, you should book your chimney sweeping service once a year. However, for wood stove or wood-burning fires you should schedule more regular chimney sweeping.
We will let you know of any faults or damage we uncover while carrying out the chimney cleaning. If we do discover anything, we’ll advise you free of charge on what precautions should be taken. When necessary, we can carry out a CCTV chimney inspection survey. (We are the only ones in Kerry who can do so.)

Where we Cover in Kerry for Chimney Sweeping

Our Kerry chimney cleaning services covers a large area of Kerry including the towns and surrounding areas of Killarney, Killorglin, Kenmare, Tralee, and Castleisland. Not sure whether we cover your region? Give us a call and we will let you know.

Signs That You Need to Book a Chimney Sweeping Service

– Soot Dropping Into The Fireplace
– Visible deposits of tar in the chimney or stove
– Strong odour coming from the fireplace
– Smoking or draught problems with your chimney
– Bird or animal nesting in your chimney
– If you have just moved home and want to use your chimney.

Call now to book your Kerry chimney sweeping.